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The Single Most Proven Way To Get Smarter and Happier

Originally posted on TIME:

Yes, It’s This Simple

Many of the fixes for our problems aren’t complex — something that’s clear in the things I recommend people do every day.

What’s a scientifically validated way to get smarter, happier, healthier and calmer?

Stop reading this right now and go for a walk.

It’s that simple.

Here’s why.

Exercise Powers The Body — And The Mind

They used to say you don’t grow new brain cells. They were wrong.

Via Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain:

As an illustration of just how new this territory is, I’ll go back to the story of neurogenesis, the once-heretical theory that the brain grows new nerve cells throughout life. “Ten years ago people weren’t even convinced that it happened,” says neurologist Scott Small. It was at his Columbia University lab, in 2007, where they witnessed telltale signs of neurogenesis for the first…

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Exercise #1 Basic Post

Sun’s out, I’m on the beach and it’s a beautiful day in Florida….   

April Fools!   Today’s the first of April and it is a warmer day than it’s been in awhile, but it isn’t Florida.  Headed out for a quick walk with my friend.  Also cooked this morning.  Starting Weight Watchers.  Off to a good start. I have the weight.  I’m not watching it yet.    Just eating right.  Plan and record both food and exercise.  Sounds so easy.   

Regarding WordPress, still learning how to write, edit, insert a photo into a basic post, then publish and update.   A little confusing that you can get to edit from a few different screens.  AndImage trying to do a little something here and there on each of several blogs.   

TEST WordPress “Quick Draft” on Thankfulness

Good Morning. The sun is shining and it is about 9 degrees. So it looks nicer than it feels outside. Thankful that I can enjoy it from inside a nice warm home!

Thankful that I woke up feeling great today. And that it was early. (Maybe a little too early – 5::00 a.m.) Was ready for the day by 7:30 am!

Will be visiting my mother and father today. It’s my day… Wednesday. I’m grateful that they are my parents and grateful that I have the opportunity to help in them in some small way.

I’ll probably spend the night. I’m glad they are able to live in such a nice place. Surrounded by friendly, outgoing people!

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